Kelly Hamburg
Your brand is your identity. It says who you are, what you do and where you're going. I've dedicated my life to building brands, large and small, providing you with the tools and assets to carry your brand though all of your marketing channels to help you stay true to that identity. 
Hi, I’m Kelly Hamburg. I love to create, develop, collaborate and lead. I'm inspired by the design and functionality of everything that surrounds me. While you are at a restaurant figuring out what you are going to order, I'm staring at the menu looking at the font and design choices. I specialize in providing clean and thoughtful results-driven design and art direction. I'm passionate about innovation over emulation and have a strong sense of service, diligence and purpose.
I’ve dedicated over 25 years in corporate and agency settings in Houston growing brands with graphic design, art direction and marketing insight. I diligently and creatively explore and solve marketing challenges. I founded Hamburg Solutions to apply my knowledge, experience and passion to develop and scale your business!
Specialties include: Logo design, Illustration, Direct Mail, Annual Reports, Ad Slicks, Digital Assets, Trade Show Booth Graphics, Photography, Signage, Email Design, Powerpoint Graphics, Presentation Pieces, Design Management, Art Direction, Social Media management and graphics and everything in between. To me, design is design and over my lifetime I have had the opportunity to dive head-first into almost every aspect of the design and marketing process.
So, let's get to the business of achieving your business goals and needs. Feel free to call (530)426-2874 or email me at
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